Register for NCMI World Equip 2015

“We’ve been waiting 34 years for an event like this.”
- Ashley Bell, Johannesburg, South Africa

The time has come. On 5 – 9 October, 2015, NCMI partnering churches worldwide will be gathering for our first-ever World Equip. We’re looking forward to connecting with each other and, above all, worshipping God together, hearing and learning from Jesus.

Furthermore, several apostolic trips will go out from the World Equip into the rest of Africa!

The World Equip will be hosted in South Africa from the 5th-9th October 2015 in Johannesburg at Rhema Bible Church. Cost for the event will be R400.

The website has all the details and it’s where you can register online.

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Worship Central Conference & Worship Night


Worship Central is a movement of worshippers who want to see the worship of Jesus Christ made central throughout our communities, local churches and the world.

On the 12th & 13th June 2015 the Worship Central South Africa team along with Tim Hughes from Worship Central UK, will be hosting a Worship Event on the Friday night followed by a full day Conference where there will be areas such as ‘Song Writing’, ‘Music Direction’, ‘Leading Strong’, and many other areas. This time is for worship leaders, musicians, songwriters and anyone else passionate about worship. 

If you just want to experience a time of uninterrupted worship, then the Friday night Worship Event is a must for you. 

Tim Hughes writer of many songs such as ‘Here I am to worship’, ‘Beautiful One’ and ‘Happy Day’ will be contributing along with many other contributors through out the weekend experience. 


Friday 12th June: 19.00 – 21.00 – WORSHIP EVENT
Saturday 13th June: 9.00 – 16.00 – CONFERENCE 


New Covenant Church Bryanston
54 Hornbill Road
Johannesburg, 2000
South Africa

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Gospel Tsunami – Zululand and Mozambique

One team of more than 200 Kingdom Warriors warring with Our King in 18 different teams and regions. ONE PURPOSE: Advance the Kingdom!

Zach Lombard at New Covenant Church (NCC) is leading another Gospel Tsunami into Zululand, as well as two into Mozambique. This is about reaching thousands of people with the Gospel with huge teams going to specific areas.

  • Zululand | 26 June – 4 July
  • Mozambique Follow Up Trip 2  |  7 – 15 August
  • Mozambique | 10 – 17 October


This option is ideal for individuals and or couples.
It costs R2800.00 per person.
This includes provided transport, accommodation and food+water.


If you have a suitable vehicle, arrive with a full tank of fuel, from departure at 54 Hornbill road in Bryanston your diesel / petrol will be covered by the church.
We will return your vehicle with a full tank of fuel.
R2800.00 per driver. This includes paid for road expenses, accommodation, food and water.

*Please note this is for a single driver that can provide the Tsunami/Outreach with at least 3 additional seats for us to fill.

FAMILY (Mom, Dad & Kids)

If you have the suitable vehicle and wish to bear all travel expenses by yourself including accommodation / tents / border / toll gates / etc. you will only be required to pay R700.00 per person for food and water for the duration of the trip.



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Positioning the Prophetic

The spiritual atmosphere is thick with anticipation and expectation of a new wave of God’s Spirit, a new way in which He wants to move! Most would agree that we are living in times that are heavy and pregnant with an unprecedented move of God in these the last day.

Scripture says: “Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets. ” (Amos 3:7.)

If we believe that, it is obvious that we need the Prophetic gift to usher in this next move of God our Father. Jesus died for this dying world and it is time we hear God and prophecy the greatest time in history.

Positioning the Prophetic is a Christ inspired initiative to create a seedbed for the Prophetic amongst a People that are hungry for God and willing to step out of the boat and walk in obedience. We have set different dates in different regions with the heart and faith to build faith, equip, demonstrate and release the saints in this most desirable gift called prophecy.

We have three objectives:
1) To get all believers to want and express the gift of prophecy
2) To raise up those who prophecy to serve the church more effectively in the ministry of prophecy
3) To equip and encourage those in the ministry to truly develop into recognized prophetic voices for cities, nations and countries.

All of the above with a real, authentic, consistent and accurate flow of the Spirit.

Vryheid: 15-17 May

Cape Town: 5-7 June

Port Elizabeth: 18-21 June

Richard’s Bay: 17-19 July

Johannesburg: 31 July – 2 August

Durban: 14-16 August

Port Shepstone: 21-23 August