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National Elders 13 Recordings Available

NCCB has made the recordings for National Elders 13 (NE13) available at the NE13 website. You can download the recordings directly from the website or alternatively, just use the links below.       Right-click and choose the ‘save target as’ option for each link below. NE13 Session 1 NE13 Session 2 NE13 Session 3 […]

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Getting to the Other Side

Alan Parfitt talks honestly about what our theology needs to look like when we face difficult times.

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A Fresh Commissioning

The world is waiting for God’s church to tell them what we see and who we know and what we continually experience. It’s God’s very heart.


A Culture of Invitation – Tyrone Daniel (MP3)

TITLE: A Culture of Invitation PREACHER: Tyrone Daniel DATE: 28 APRIL 2013 – NCMI JHB City Celebration Download MP3 message audio (Right Click the link and choose the ‘Save As’ Option)  

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Q&A: Leon van Daele, Jim Lamont & Mike Hanchett

Leon van Daele, Jim Lamont and Mike Hanchett are fathers of the faith in our fold. Recently at Connect Gauteng we got to ask them questions around ministry and how they’ve managed to stay so strong throughout the years.