Use code: SHIPELYX upon checkout. A premium Absolut vodka, distilled in a vintage copper rectification still from 1929 in small batches using wheat sourced locally from the nearby Råbelöf estate.

Dubbed the King of Cocktails, the hallmark of a good vodka is an excellent martini and Absolut’s Elyx the perfect base for a perfect martini. Free shipping on many items ... Absolut Vodka Drink Recipes Advertising Table Umbrella. Product Info; Dimensions & Care; Cocktails; Meet the Elyx Pineapple of Hospitality, our modern take on this noble gesture.Display it on your bar or your table, or use it as a quirky and unique drinking vessel. $7.46. Your daily dose of news and happenings from around the drink-o-sphere: - Later this year, Barnes & Noble will debut four new concept stores offering beer and wine. Get the best deals on Original Absolut Advertising when you shop the largest online selection at Daily News: Spain’s Take on the Gin & Tonic, The Rise of Absolut Elyx. Full-bodied, luscious silky mouthfeel with waves of rich macadamia nuts, creamed cereal & garnishes of …

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Receive FREE ground shipping on your purchase of any Absolut Elyx product. Clean, rich, rounded, fresh bread & notes of white chocolate and light cereal & with a deep mellow spice. Elyx is a luxury vodka with real character … An Absolut Elyx Martini is the perfect way to celebrate the rich and silky mouthfeel of our luxurious spirit in a mixed drink… ... Absolut ELYX Copper Pineapple Rare Pineapple Drink Cup/bowl (last Ones) $40.00 8-12 oz sparkling lemon-flavored water.

It's a clean-tasting vodka with a soft, silky mouthfeel – Absolut recommend you drink it neat with a single large ice cube. 1 750-ml bottle of Absolut Elyx The Absolut Elyx brand ambassador hits Union and El Ocho with a list of vodka cocktails. Cocktails served in Absolut Elyx's signature copper pineapple Absolut Elyx is also very well matched with the Japanese-inspired cuisine at Zuma. Instructions In a mixing glass muddle the 4 cucumber slices.

Best enjoyed with Absolut Elyx it has a hole for a straw so you can sip and savor a wide range of cocktails (click here for recipes). Limited time only. Ingredients & Instructions. 1 sold. As I often state in my food recipes, when you have high quality ingredients you don’t need to overpower them with too many different flavors.

Ingredients: 1 oz King St Vodka.5 oz rose water (pure, unsweetened) 1.5 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice.

ABOUT ABSOLUT ELYX. The world's first true luxury vodka.

Stirring up food and drink ingredients is in my blood, however, so putting on my mixologist hat and creating an Absolut Elyx drink didn’t take long.

PALATE. Absolut Elyx is readily available for purchase at $458 from Watson's Wine, or visit any of the eight participating restaurants to try out their signature cocktails for yourself. NOSE. Ingredients 1.5 oz Tito's Vodka.25 oz Aperol.75 oz honey simple syrup (1:1 honey and hot water).5 oz lime juice 4 cucumber slices.

Inspired by one of the most storied American traditions, this peach moonshine recipe infuses Absolut’s Elyx vodka with one of the most beloved tastes of the summertime: freshly plucked peaches. The result is a bold yet comforting drink perfect for a firefly-lit summer evening.