Salomon MTN Explore 95 ($700). DPS Skis Wailer T106 C2 ($1,099). Armada Tracer 98 ($700). Share. In partnership with: 3.
2. DPS ’ Wailer 100 RP shape is destined to become a ... Armada ARV JJ Ultralite. 7. All of these skis can also be used with telemark equipment and … Since ski touring requires the use of climbing skins, attached to your ski’s bases via the tip and tail to gain uphill grip, choosing a ski that allows for easy and secure skin attachment is key. This style of skiing and equipment allows the user to climb with heels free, and descend with them locked.

The 11 Best Backcountry Skis of the Year. Best Overall Backcountry Ski 1. 6. Voilé HyperCharger ($795). 9. Moment Wildcat Tour ($779). 5. 4. Photo courtesy of DPS. Volkl BMT 109 ($1,199). Blizzard Zero G 85 ($600). We tested the skis with modern, tech-style alpine touring bindings, boots, and technique. jordtiernan . 8. Generally, touring-specific skis will have a flat tail with a plastic or metal insert that allows secure skin attachment while protecting the ski from damage due to the repeated application and removal of climbing skins. Black Crows Navis Freebird ($830). DPS Alchemist Wailer 100 RP. Ski touring inbounds inherently focuses on the uphill portion, making lighter gear designed for speedy, unencumbered ascents the best tools for the job. Black Diamond Helio Recon 105. The 2020 DPS Alchemist Wailer 100 RP. by Jordan Tiernan. 8th October 2019. Best Backcountry (Touring) Skis 2019 – 2020 There's a huge variety of touring and backcountry skis out there. We get our heads around the best of them.