Refreshing rum cocktails made with lime juice and fresh mint. Moscow mules, spiked lemonade, bloody Marys—find your faves. And these festive … Vodka. Berry Vodka Cocktails are quick to make with only a few ingredients. Wash and pat the green chillies … The simple answer is LOTS, below is a collection of the most popular Vodka Shot Recipes. Vodka cocktails are huge in variety, with vodka now by far the most popular base spirit for making cocktails. Step 1. Bourbon Whiskey.

Mojitos. More Ingredients. … Cocktails with vodka include some of the all-time favourites such as the Bloody Mary, the Screwdriver and the Black Russian.Vodka cocktails which are served “up” and in a Martini glass are sometimes referred to as Vodkatinis.

So long as your favorite craft cocktail bar is closed, try your hand at mixing up one of these vodka drinks. Gin. Vodka Chilli Cocktail is a cocktail recipe which is fiery, cold and hot all at once. Cocktail recipes. Bloody Mary. Vodka Drinks. Jump to Recipe - Print Recipe. Mocktail Recipes. [8] Bloody Mary (vodka, sweet sherry, tomato juice, lemon juice) [10] Drink Themes.

Most Made Today Vanilla vodka is vodka with a vanilla taste.

Ingredients of Vodka Chilli Cocktail. Search Submit Clear. You don’t even need a shaker to make these fruity sparkling beverages. Often people drink vanilla vodka neat.

Ingredients: vodka tomato juice lemon juice Worcestershire sauce horseradish fresh lime juice hot sauce black … Read more Read less. Spirits. But it can also be used in different cocktail recipes because it fits well with a lot of other flavors such as coffee based cocktails, cola or passion fruit cocktail recipes.It is not that popular yet but that can change when you add some nice cocktail recipes with vanilla vodka.Find here some of the best cocktail recipes with vanilla vodka … What Shots and drinks can you make with Vodka? Shot Recipes.

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Cocktails: 10 Reasons to Pour. Vodka Shot Recipes & Drink Recipes.

Appletini (varying recipes ranging "from those that use green apple schnapps to ones with a drier profile, preferring an apple liqueur or brandy and dry vermouth.")

Vodka Shot Recipes.

By Ingredients. The exact recipe for the best vodka cocktails will vary depending on your preferences and the particular recipe you use, so we’ve avoided precise measurements. 1 . Sometimes a situation calls for a very specific cocktail. 4 green chilli; 1/2 teaspoon black pepper; 250 ml Lemonade; 1/2 teaspoon black salt; 1 lime; 120 ml vodka; How to make Vodka Chilli Cocktail. Submit a Drink. Try out this spicy drink recipe! Punch Recipes. Drink Recipes.