Bill Weir and "The Wonder List" pay a visit. Ikaria, Greece. Dat zijn vijf gebieden op de wereld, waar mensen langer leven dan elders. IKARIA THE BLUE ZONE. Blue Zone Honey. Buettner visited the island to research why it is one of the few exemplary locations in the entire world where people live such long, balanced lives. Find out how preserving traditions can lead to a longer life.

Verschillende factoren spelen hierbij een belangrijke rol en die maken van de vijf Blue Zones de plaatsen, waar je de grootste kans hebt om oud te worden. It’s also notable that on Ikaria instances of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes are significantly lower, and dementia is rare.” Blue Zones, the five recognized areas in the world where people live way longer than the rest of us, inspire a rabid kind of curiosity among researchers and health nuts.After all, unless its the c 0:46. Loading... Save. Sign in to YouTube. In 2009 when Dan Buettner from National Geographic and I were first connected, he told me he was interested in bringing his research team to Ikaria. Ikaria and another four locations (Okinawa in Japan, Sardinia in Italy, Nicoya in Costa Rica and Loma Linda in California) have been designated as Blue Zones, meaning they are parts of the world which may appear to have little in common but which share certain characteristics that result in their residents living significantly longer than average. The Greek Island of Ikaria is a "blue zone," places where people have a decent chance of reaching age 100. Een gebied waar de inwoners gemiddeld een stuk ouder worden dan op andere plaatsen. Blue Zone Ikaria: The island where people forgot to die Recently special attention was brought to Ikaria when it has been included in the National Geographic's "Blue Zones" list. Its also notable that on Ikaria instances of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes are significantly lower, and dementia is rare. Along with Sardinia in Italy, Nicoya in Costa Rica, Okinawa in Japan and Loma Linda in California, Ikaria is a Blue Zone, one of five designated places where people live the longest. Blue Zone Photos: Ikaría, Greece Why does a remote Greek island have one of the highest longevity rates in world? The island where people forget to die. Ikaria's traditional diet, like that found in much of the Mediterranean, includes a lot of… Ikarian Longevity Stew With Black Eyed Peas Great recipe from the "Blue Zones" region, Ikaria, for a rainy day (or any day).…

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Join Diane on the Blue Zone Greek Island of Longevity, IKARIA, “Where People Forget to Die” for a week of cooking and immersion in village life, island culture, and the secrets to these islanders’ longevity, joy, and peacefulness. Blue Zones Ikaria Quest Day 1 by Blue Zones, LLC. Dit heeft te maken met hun leef-en eetgewoonten.

Honey from Ikaria contains anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and is eaten often says Dan Beuttner, author of Blue Zones and The Secrets to Living a Long Life.. Buettner contends that people can look and feel better at every age and add 12 … Ikaria hoort tot de ‘Blue Zones’. Het Griekse eiland Ikaria is één van de vijf Blue Zones ter wereld. A Blue Zone is defined as a place where the environment is conducive to old age and in Ikaria it was found that residents are several times more likely to reach the age of 90+ compared to normal. Recently Ikaria became internationally noted through an ongoing health project called Blue Zones (, run by Dan Buettner. Blue Zones Ikaria Quest Promo by Blue Zones, LLC. His studies so far had led him to believe our small island was one of the regions in the world with the highest number of centenarians per thousand. De inwoners van het eiland hebben tweeënhalve keer meer kans om gemiddeld 10 jaar ouder te worden, dan de overige Europeanen. This tiny island’s long history has been as rocky as its topography. 2:58. Besides the Greek island of Ikaria the other Blue Zones of the world are: Nicoya in Costa Rica, Okinawa in Japan, Loma Linda in California, and Sardinia, Italy.

The outcropping in the Aegean Sea has been the target of invasions by Persians, Romans and Turks, forcing its residents inland from the coasts. A Hidden Jewel Discovered. Sign in.