The new generation was The can looks The can looks pretty nice, plain matt white, nice and clean. The nicotine pouches provides a quick kick followed by a long-lasting nicotine delivery. Nordic Spirit Nicotine Pouches by JTI can be enjoyes anytime, anywhere. You find Lyft, White Fox, Zyn, Skruf and many other brands.

Made from a blend of plant-based Nordic Spirit is available in two flavours (Mint and Bergamot Wildberry) and two strengths (6mg and 9mg) in cans of 20 tobacco-free pouches (RSP £6.50). Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus Slim Strong is a fresh flavour experience from the nature. The new product was developed in Sweden, where it has rapidly grown in popularity since launching in 2018. It comes in 4 flavors: Mint, Bergamot Wild Berry, Spearmint Intense or Elderflower. Fast shipping! Nordic Spirit True White is a tobacco free portion that contains nicotine that comes in all white pouches. Inspired Nordic and Viking Jewelry and Accessories Bring Out Your Inner-Viking Welcome to Norse Spirit - The Home of Viking Jewelry We're committed to offering you the widest range of quality Viking jewelry available today. Shop your nicotine pouches online from White Pouch. The citrus flavour from bergamot are supplemented byt the Tobacco free pouches. 2 About Nordic Spirit Nordic Spirit Mint, 6/9mg, RRP: £6.50 for 20 pouches Nordic Spirit Bergamot Wildberry, 6/9mg, RRP: £6.50 for 20 pouches For further information, please contact: 020 7479 Nordic Snus, creator of Nordic Spirit, is one of few who has introduced a whole new aspect of snus. Today, we've had Nordic Spirit Spearmint Intense dropped off to us by the lovely chaps over at in the mid strength (2 pips on the scale) or about 9 mg/g. Fresh nicotine pouches delivered right to your doorstep.

Click here to learn more about nicotine pouches. Nordic Spirit Bergamot Wildberry Nicotine Pouches. They are a full-strength nicotine experience that is 100% tobacco-free.

After two years of research and development, Nordic Snus finally released their new snus July 18th 2018.

Nordic Spirit is giving away a free can of 20 nicotine pouches to new customers!